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Sesame Street says:

"A dancer is a person in your neighborhood." They haven't met my neighbors.

It has been a cool minute since my last post so I figure a drive-by style bulleted update is in order before I launch into what is actually on my mind this wonderful December evening. Here goes!


My birthday came and went and I must admit was significantly better than last year as I didn't bury a parent the day previous.

The snow my darling husband special ordered for my birthday arrived just on time so I woke up to a pretty white winter wonderland that morning.

Lily Bear is a supafly dollface. It's true. She had her 18 month check up. She was deemed utter perfection. She is.

Thanksgiving was great. Lily got to play with her cousins and that was seriously the best part of the whole trip to Texas. They are awesome together.

People make me crazy. This is not new.

Money is a stressful thought during the holidays (and beyond) but this is no surprise either.

Alice and I have had nothing but a clean bill of baby health and she will be here on or by the sixth of February at noon. Rock.

No. I don't want you to tell me that you think I shouldn't have another c-section.

My husband is amazing in every way.

I got sick about 10 days ago. Not like achoooo sick, but like on the couch for 6 straight days nothing but soup and feeling like every cough brought half a lung out for public view. Helllllo RSV!

Lily got sick about the time i started feeling a little better.

Josh got sick exactly 24hrs later.

ROCKIN HOUSE FULL OF SICK PEOPLE? yeah. not so much. sucked actually.

Lily's went from RSV to bronchiolitis to Pneumonia. woot.

We are still fighting Lily's, but Josh and I at least seem to be doing a lot better. She is up and playing and acting fine. She just has a nasty cough and an ugly little wheeze. Poor darling.

Beyond that I am a little nutso for having not left my house in over a week except to go to and from the doctor and pharmacist. We will all be better soon.

Break is upon us!!

The super exciting news that I promised in my last post is in fact super exciting and will be the sole topic of my post tomorrow. Yes, Virginia, I will post tomorrow.

As for what's on my mind... WOW. A couple of things actually. Here they are in no particular order...

1. I will happily endorse my child's belief in a benevolent fat man who comes once a year to bring her presents just because she was a nice girl. I see nothing wrong with this and would appreciate if you simply kept your mouth shut about it if you have a differing opinion than mine. She's our kid. Not yours. Keep out of it. In answer to your question: No. I do not think this is a "harmful lie." I will also not be taking her to Disney World at the tender age of four and telling her that, "No, sweetheart, that isn't REALLY Mickey Mouse. It is a very short, probably chain smoking, Puerto Rican woman in a Mickey Mouse costume who more than likely doesn't like kids or speak much English." (No offense meant to one of my favorite Puerto Ricans! You are an awesome Mickey/Minnie/Daisy!) I will say, "Look, Sweetie!! Mickey Mouse!" I also do not believe this to be a "harmful lie."
That's the magic people. That's what makes childhood so awesome. That is what we grow out of and spend our whole adult life trying to get back. Let them be kids. Let a fairy come take their teeth and leave colored water, glitter, and gifts in their passing. Let them believe that there is a fuzzy bunny in a vest who brings them colorful eggs and chocolate on Easter morning. Watching your kids faces those mornings is one of the reasons we have kids. If we aren't making their world wonderful while we can.... What are we thinking?

2. Next year when there are two instead of one and one of them is finally old enough to understand the whole "looking forward to gifts" thing... We are going to do stockings, 2 presents from Santa each, and four presents from Josh and I. We are planning on something like
        1. Something you WANT
        2. Something you NEED
        3. Something to WEAR
        4. Something to READ
I have a couple of friends who do things like this, but I would love to hear some other thoughts. We would love to teach our kids that Christmas is about family and giving and avoid instilling an entitled, commercialized, and selfish view of all holidays. I know they are young but it seems to make most sense to start now and be consistent. We would start this year, but to be frank... Lily has no flippin clue what Christmas or Santa or any of it is this year and is simply happy to have a tree full of "toys" to say hi to every morning.
On that same note we are talking about doing books from the tooth fairy instead of money. I remember there being a lot of discrepancy in my little elementary school career about what the tooth fairy brought and not understanding why some of us got quarters and others got crisp new twenty dollar bills... we are going to try to avoid that. I think we are going to send the tooth fairy a letter and ask for books instead of money. What do you do for the tooth fairy?
My parents were those awesome ones who gave us some little something at least for just about every single holiday whether it was traditionally gift giving or not. Yeah. I got a Halloween present. Still do truth be told. Yes. I still think it is awesome. This isn't a cause for concern for me just because it was always some little something and the fact that I got something at all was usually the really cool part.

I'm pretty sure that I could keep typing another hour or so, but my HUMONGO pregnant belly is starting to make my back hurt from sitting here! hahahahaha I really am huge though. So on that note I am going to feed a couple of furry felines and head to my big comfy couch to listen to my most recently acquired audio book and mindlessly play Alice's Wonderland on my iPhone. :o)

Chat more tomorrow!

Wear your seat belts!
katie jo

Nougat. Nothing more.

Those of you that know me well know that I have more than a slight addiction to all things chewy. Mentos, Starburst, Milk Duds... the list goes on and on. Chief among the chewies is without a doubt Brach's Peppermint Nougats. God lives in Brach's Peppermint Nougats and I get a little neurotic about them. I loooooove this particular time of year though because they are readily available and I don't have to stash or horde to keep a basket full on my shelf. Understand though that I will become a raging monster at the end of the holiday season and will keep very close tabs on where exactly my nougat is and who has been helping themselves. Nougat has an unbelievably long shelf life and will last the whole year as long as they aren't eaten before then and I utilize this to it's utmost. Last year when Lily was born (in MAY) we celebrated with a bag of nougat. It was wonderful. I tuck them away in rarely used cabinets, empty suitcases, corners of closets to be enjoyed throughout the year. I must admit that the only thing as wonderful as Christmas Nougat is the look of surprise on my darling man's face when a bag magically appears in mid August. I don't think he is ever shocked by their existence exactly... more by the self control I have shown by ensuring their ability to last.  All that to say. Nougat is good. We love nougat.

K. I have some top secret stuff to take care of tonight, but I will do my best to post tomorrow so you can all be in on the awesomeness.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Wear your seat belts!
katie jo


Hello, Sunshine... Waaaait.

Whoever signed us up for this whole "dark at 5:30" thing needs to be shot. This is kicking my butt! I am not usually one to be affected by seasonal depressive thing, but GEEZE.

I will grudgingly admit that I do LOVE that it is bright and cheery at 6:15 in the morning though. I also thoroughly  enjoy the fact that my kiddo is now going to bed at 7 o'clock. Rock on.

We have had a lot of fun around here for the last few days. Lily and I have been playing with water beads in our sensory tub and as an adult let me just say.... EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, so cool. She loves them. Right now we have a tub full of blue ones and sadly we cry when it is time to put them up. On the up swing though, we have tons of fun picking them up one at a time and squishing them and putting them into a cup. When the cup is full, we dump that into a bowl and fill the cup up again, or we pick them all back out one at a time and put them back in the tub. It is a hoot. I have a lot of fun watching her find new ways to interact with things. I am trying to leave the same thing in her sensory bin for about a week just because she's so young and they are all things she has never experienced before. Everyday seems to bring a new way to manipulate or experience. Best times!  I think next week we are going to do cotton balls for a day and then soak them in water. I like cotton balls in things. I am hoping to do water one day and then shaving cream or jello. I'm sure it will be a riot!

OH! I started working on the quiet book! I'm super stoked! I have all the pages cut out and background fabric too! I sat down and sketched out the first 14 pages and have all the felt pieces cut as of last night and now all i have to do is gather the embellishments and get to sewing! There are a lot of really awesome sites out there in the interwebs for quiet books. I had a ton of fun looking through (ok scouring)  them and picking out ones I liked to inspire my own. Right now I am deeply in love with Mr. & Mrs. Potato head. Seriously... I sat and played for about 15 mins before I realized what I was doing and made the Hubbs come play too. Yeah. We are awesome like that.

I would like to take this opportunity to say one really vague thing, and by one I of course mean at least two and maybe three.

1. Dear friend, I understand that you don't want to be married or to have kids. Please stop berating me for doing so. I love my husband and my kiddos and quite frankly think that I have the most perfect life. I get that that's not what you want. I'm ok with that. I'm not forcing babies on you. Stop trying to make me feel bad for living exactly as I please.

2. Dear other friend, Thanks for letting me vent. It is sort of nice to have a friend that can let you vent without trying to fix your problems. I can honestly say I would not have made it with my sanity intact for the last 27 years without you. Thanks for commiserating and being my calm, normal friend. (and for not making me feel like a jerk when i fly off the handle about something. that's nice too.)

3. Dear Facebook, Sorry. Still don't miss you.

OK. By the time I post again I should have pictures aplenty for you! I don't think I've even put up a picture of Lily-bear in her pumpkin suit.... crazy. Will rectify that soon. Until then... I'm going to go be addicted to Pinterest.

Wear your seat belts.

katie jo

Quickly Now

A couple of quick things... Since you asked and all...

-No. I do not know why there were grapes in the bathtub. I doubt the cat had anything to do with it.

-Yes, Lily, I did find your other shoe. When? When I was making soup and had to remove it from the pan before adding the tomato based goodness.

-Yes. The most satisfying way to eat tomato soup is with goldfish crackers swimming in it.

-Yes. Above mentioned soup is better if you imagine that the soup is lava and that you can hear the goldfish screaming as they fall in one at a time.

-Yes. I have been through an entire roll of toilet paper, three squares at a time, blowing my nose today.

-No. The trashcan is not full of toilet paper yet. I'm working on it.

-Ron's Catfish Buffet. We enjoyed lunch very much and the beans were a big hit with Lily.

-12. In twelve weeks we will get to meet Alice. I'm so excited.

-Church, Hancocks, and sewing. These are my plans for tomorrow. Pop and Granny watched the girl this afternoon so I could maim goldfish and produce copious amounts of snot and they are taking her to the big DA tomorrow after Mom and I hit up the half off notions sale at Hancocks. I'm stoked. I'm glad they dig my kid.

-WE WILL TRY. Yeah... We've been making it to church on time, but not so much class... Goal for tomorrow: Be there at nine.

-No. I don't really miss Facebook at all. It has been awesome to do something else. I have really enjoyed hearing from the people that I have heard from and I am sure I will either hear from some more of you or.... I won't and things will be no different. I do owe an email that I totally forgot about. I'll be sending that out tomorrow and maybe it's awesomeness will make up for the lateness. (I'm hoping.)

-Gotta jet. I'm going to go pick up the girl and get her all cozied into bed and then I am going to start working on plans for her quiet book. Yup. I'm making a quiet book. I don't know if I have the patience for it to be very big, but I think the girls will love it, so I'm going to do it. There are such cute ideas out there.

Wear your seat belts!
-katie jo


White Rabbits? No! White Coats!

We went to Dallas this weekend for Grant's white coat ceremony. Honestly... The weekend could not have been any better! We got to hang out with the fam and eat some amazing food and it was a very low stress and high happiness trip! Lily-Bear was a dream boat and aside from sustaining a couple of fairly impressive bruises had an awesome weekend too. I know I am a bit enamored with my child, but really, there isn't a better kid! hahahah! She was all smiles and hugs and kisses and really enjoyed getting to see everyone and having so much attention heaped on her little red haired self. I will post pictures as soon as I have some. I am sure the mothers in law will be willing to share if i ask nicely! LOL I was a bit preoccupied for picture taking so i am hoping everyone else got some good ones!

In other news, my facebook hiatus is going well. I have managed not to log on at all and truthfully I didn't know if i would make it this long! ha! It is sort of liberating not to have it as a distraction all the time.

I can't figure out how to keep Lily-Bear from chewing on the corners of her books. She likes her books so much but when she gets distracted she chews on the corners and I'm afraid it will make her sick (not to mention destroy her books), but i don't know how to keep her from it. When i notice the damage has been done already. erg parenthood.

k. It is almost nap time so i am going to jet and get some clothes folded up before our nap. I hope you are all having a wonderful monday!

Wear your seat belts!

-katie jo

Life Before Facebook

I remember very clearly that there was life before Facebook. I remember emailing friends, talking on the phone, and texting. Moreover, I remember having time. I spend far too much time sitting on Facebook doing nothing. Know what that equates to? Nothing getting done. Well, I'm taking a break. I have deleted Facebook from my phone and have removed my bookmark and quicklinks from my computer. All email and text notifications are turned off and I am literally not aiming to look at Facebook again until this time next Thursday. My supposition is that I will not hear a word from anyone I *only* talk to on Facebook until next Thursday. Hmmmm....

Between now and then the girl, the hubbs, and I are going to Dallas for my B-I-L's white coat ceremony! Exciting! I am actually looking forward to seeing all the family and especially my B-I-L. It's been about 6 months since they've seen the girl and they haven't gotten to rub the belly at all.

The belly... Yay Alice! I am so excited to meet her in February. I really can hardly wait. I am glad that the months between now and then are busy months so it will seem to go faster! People keep asking what Lily-Bear thinks about being a big sister... Yeah... She's seventeen months old... she's got no clue. We do a lot of baby rocking and being nice to baby and are learning not to poke them in the eye etc, but she has no idea there is a baby in mommy's belly.

The hubbs has applied to a PhD program and been accepted. Rock on. He will start next semester. Busy. Busy. Busy. He seems to still be enjoying his work and for that I am grateful daily.

Yesterday was heavy. One of my best friends died when we were 19. Yesterday would have been her birthday. I made peanut butter brownies and homemade whipped cream and celebrated. I miss her.

I love and adore the fall. Our new house is treating us well and is finally unpacked and feeling like home. Now I just have to get ready to have a yard sale and finish finding the last few things we are going to NEED for Alice's arrival.

OK. I think you are up to speed. I'll leave you with adorable and then I have got to work on laundry. It's been a lazy week so Mount Washmore is calling. :o)

Have a fabulous week!

Wear your seat belts!

katie jo

Wicked Crazy Busy Awesome

A very little over a month ago I complained about monotony... Big mistake. Huge.

Don't get me wrong there have been a lot of days that were quite the same, but in that amount of time we have:

1. Made an offer on a house.
2.Had that offer accepted.
3. Had that house inspected.
4. Had that house fall through.
5. Made an offer on another house.
6.Had that offer accepted.
7. Had that house inspected.
8. Found out that house had mold on every visible surface under it.
9. Prepared ourselves to look for another house because there was NO way the owner would want to pay to fix that.
10. Had the seat of our pants shocked off of us when they offered to fix that and several things we didn't even ask them to.
11. Run around like crazies trying to get everything ready for the bank.
12. Cruised on over to Nashville.
13. Threw a kick-butt bachelorette party.
14. Rocked out at my best friend's wedding.
15. Lost our minds when it looked like our house WAS going to fall through because of issues with a third party doing repairs.
16. Said goodbye to my best friend who moved to California.
17. Laughed at Lily when she learned what the cow said.
18. DID NOT LAUGH when Lily-Bear had FOUR molars all break skin at the same time.
19. Paid off a credit card.
20. Made some decisions concerning our lives/health/habits/routines that are awesome and to be discussed in a separate post.

Right now, Lily is napping, Josh just got back to work from the dentist, and I am blissfully blogging.

I think everything I dutifully do should incorporate some alliteration.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself. I love Lily's morning naps. I like that there are no cameras because the room is too dark and so when we are laying on my bed all snuggled up and she falls asleep with her blanket I just get to do my very very best to etch it in my mind. She just looks so perfect and sweet and small laying there sleeping with her blankey. Those are good moments. I like that they are my moments. Our time.

She is still a little dream boat who takes a two naps a day and usually they are 1.5-2 hour naps. ROCK. She still sleeps all night long... Ok, not through thunder and lightening, but neither do the cats so who can complain? She is starting to get pickier about what she eats and how she eats it... Sometimes she flat out refuses to eat anything that is not on a fork. Sometimes she only wants it if she can eat it with her fingers... crazy kid! She can tell you what the cow and the sheep say and point to her nose, eyes, belly, and mouth. So far the only number she is interested in is 2. You say one, she says two, and everyone claps. yeah... She likes wearing shoes now (which is awesome) and her hair is long enough for pigtails or a ponytail. Josh won't let me cut it. He said, "I'm putting my foot down, woman, and you will not cut that child's hair." I laughed and he said "Please? Ask your facebook friends." I did. We will see. She is rocking a major baby mullet. She wants to walk run every where, but is very very good about holding momma's hand. She would stay outside all day long if we would just let her and she is quite enamored with her inflatable pool at Granny and Pop's house. We are having a blast.

I am ready to move. We close tomorrow morning and then will promptly leave for Heber because Pop himself is in an art show this weekend. Woot! Monday is looking like the big bad rent a Uhaul and move our stuff day.

Did i mention i can't lift anything over thirty pounds? Bummer. We find out on the 16th of September if we are having a little sister or a little brother. I CAN'T WAIT.

Eh... I have entertainment at least until then!

Time for this Momma to have some lunch!!

don't laugh.


I think pinterest just crashed out on me so that i would be forced to blog. yes. i realize I sat down 2 hours ago to blog... but that pinterest. it's wiley. It just sucks me in and shows me pretties and all the nifty things i could and never will probably make. how does one say no to that? yeah. i don't.

so. it has been slightly over a month since my last venture into blog land. i don't know why. I would love to tell you that i am super busy planning a wedding shower and looking for a house and planning a bachelorette party and taking care of a one year old and being super fat and pregnant tired, but that would all be true. wait. why am i not using that as an excuse?

i remember. because somehow i have time to keep about a bazillion games of  hanging with friends going while also ensuring that my "tiny tower" remains fully stocked and ever expanding. I also manage to squeeze in facebook, google+, and an episode or two of some generic crime drama every day so i am ovbiously not that freakin busy.

The question remains... why haven't i blogged... I think it is because right now i believe, no matter how busy i am, that life is in neutral. At the very least i am idling and i hate it. i would say i hate it enough to cuss, but let's just face the fact that the sun comes up and i could cuss. We need a house. You can only keep your sanity without your own space for so long... i think if we didn't have Lily, Josh and I would already have spent a week or two in a tent. no joke. seriously though. it really isn't bad. my parents are great... we are armpit deep in house searching. we made an offer on a house and then it fell through when we got the inspection report. that sucked. we just need our own space. i need to be able to move a couch. at the very least i would love to get up in the morning and not have to put on pants to go to the bathroom or grab a diaper for lily. i just feel like everyday is the same and none of them are mine. eh. i suppose we'll make it. we always do.

next step i suppose, now that the problem is identified, is to find a solution. I seem to not want to blog about the same generic day over and over again so i think i am going to do a month of prompts... i haven't decided exactly where i am going to steal borrow them from with permission yet. I suppose i could make my own but i don' t know that i would strictly adhere to them if i did them myself... i have a tendency to say... that sucks lets do this instead. yeah. i rock like that.

please understand that i know not everything is generic... we really have been having quite a blast. Lily has something like 9 teeth now and is running and walking and climbing and into everything. we have spent almost every weekend at the lake and with friends. Lily is going to be a big sister in february and life really doesn't suck... i've just got some cabin fever.

so.... pinterest is working again... coincidence? i think not. this was a cosmic intervention.


Reader's Digest Version

First of all... When did Bert and Ernie become claymation? That sucks. Maybe it's a one time thing. On to business.

I promised a concise update... here it comes.


Today: Josh's first day of work! So stinking excited. Lily and I have the house to ourselves while everyone is at work until 5-ish. I got up and went to the gym this morning at 5:30 and we have had an awesome morning... Laundry is going, diaper is dry, clothes are put up...

The weekend: Hung out with Joseph and Liz, went to the lake with Mom, Dad, Uncle Frank and Edie. 'Nea watched Lily for us Friday night and they had a great time!

June: Found out Josh got the job he really wanted and turned down another job that would have been great as well, just a little too far from J-town and not as much $$. Spent the rest of the month worrying and wondering about whether or not he got the job...

May: Josh came to AR and applied for "the job". I was so ready for him to be here. Ms. Lily turned one year old during the course of this month and we had quite a bash for her!  Lily also took her first steps all by herself on her birthday! What? Pictures? Glad you asked!

Our Little Family

"Mom, my cake is on fire... That can't be right."

Mmmmmm Cake!!!

Presents and Presents!

: We spent a lot of time packing and getting ready for the move... then we had three pipes burst under our house and Lily and I wound up coming to AR a little earlier than we had originally planned! Lily's first Easter was a big hit though and we had a lot of fun at Aunt Debbie's.

: This was a pretty awesome month. We hung out in the state parks in our area and Lily and I spent a lot of time at Utopia Joe's coffee shop in the mornings!

: We had a lot of fun in February! We went on lots of little road trips and played outside a lot because it was so warm! We put up the hammock and spent a lot of time swinging in the backyard swing too!

: We had Potter Christmas in January and spent a lot of time playing in our excer-saucer because it was too cold to play in the rest of the house or on the floor.

December: We had a BIG Christmas in Arkansas! We took Lily to see Santa Clause and they hit it off great! Lily sat on his lap and talked to him and smiled for the camera! I did not expect that, but I was super thankful!

November: Well... November sucked. Lily learned to sit up. That was awesome. We went to Corpus Christi with some friends for a long weekend... That would have been awesome except Josh's mom had a mini stroke. Then my father died two days before my birthday. We spent Thanksgiving in AR and saw all of the family. Dad watched Lily during the funeral. I didn't think it was the greatest idea to take a 6 month old to a funeral. November sucked.

: Big month! October included Lily's first trip to the zoo and her first Halloween! We also moved from Uvalde to Utopia.

First Zoo Trip

We had a lot of fun!

I think that catches us up... I tried for Reader's Digest versions... It'll do.

What do...

Usher, Tiger Woods, and I have in common?

A confession.

I usually have long bloggy absences and return to say something about how sorry I am and how busy I have been and how I suck... This is not entirely true.

I have cheated on you.

Well... I cheated on LiveJournal anyway. I set up another blog. I feel a little guilty. I've decided to come clean.

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. It's been about 8 months. Lily will be one year old in 8 days. She was only four months old the last time I posted on here.

I got really frustrated because there were so many things that I wanted to blog about and I felt like I couldn't because I didn't want to be judged for it. I didn't want to say something that was going to be taken personally and reacted badly to. I didn't feel like I could say what was on my mind because it might hurt someone's feelings or upset them. That sucks. 

The obvious response is just not to blog about it, but I blog to work things out in my mind. I also blog because my friends are really great at saying what I need to hear. Not always what I want to hear, but what I need to hear. I lost my brain a little not being able to talk about it. For a while I relied on Facebook chats and text messaging, but I missed blogging so I set up a blogger account.

I like blogger better, but it's not the same.

I have decided that I am going to pick a blog and continue to post to facebook. I am not going to edit myself for content. I am not going to worry about my topic upsetting someone. I am going to blog about whatever is on my mind and I am going to assume that you all know me and love me and will understand that it's ok if we disagree. I know that I have thoughts and feelings that you might not understand or sympathize with and that's alright.

I apologize for my absence and will do my best to catch you up on the last eight months in the most concise manner possible in my next post.

love you all.



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