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Sesame Street says:

"A dancer is a person in your neighborhood." They haven't met my neighbors.

It has been a cool minute since my last post so I figure a drive-by style bulleted update is in order before I launch into what is actually on my mind this wonderful December evening. Here goes!


My birthday came and went and I must admit was significantly better than last year as I didn't bury a parent the day previous.

The snow my darling husband special ordered for my birthday arrived just on time so I woke up to a pretty white winter wonderland that morning.

Lily Bear is a supafly dollface. It's true. She had her 18 month check up. She was deemed utter perfection. She is.

Thanksgiving was great. Lily got to play with her cousins and that was seriously the best part of the whole trip to Texas. They are awesome together.

People make me crazy. This is not new.

Money is a stressful thought during the holidays (and beyond) but this is no surprise either.

Alice and I have had nothing but a clean bill of baby health and she will be here on or by the sixth of February at noon. Rock.

No. I don't want you to tell me that you think I shouldn't have another c-section.

My husband is amazing in every way.

I got sick about 10 days ago. Not like achoooo sick, but like on the couch for 6 straight days nothing but soup and feeling like every cough brought half a lung out for public view. Helllllo RSV!

Lily got sick about the time i started feeling a little better.

Josh got sick exactly 24hrs later.

ROCKIN HOUSE FULL OF SICK PEOPLE? yeah. not so much. sucked actually.

Lily's went from RSV to bronchiolitis to Pneumonia. woot.

We are still fighting Lily's, but Josh and I at least seem to be doing a lot better. She is up and playing and acting fine. She just has a nasty cough and an ugly little wheeze. Poor darling.

Beyond that I am a little nutso for having not left my house in over a week except to go to and from the doctor and pharmacist. We will all be better soon.

Break is upon us!!

The super exciting news that I promised in my last post is in fact super exciting and will be the sole topic of my post tomorrow. Yes, Virginia, I will post tomorrow.

As for what's on my mind... WOW. A couple of things actually. Here they are in no particular order...

1. I will happily endorse my child's belief in a benevolent fat man who comes once a year to bring her presents just because she was a nice girl. I see nothing wrong with this and would appreciate if you simply kept your mouth shut about it if you have a differing opinion than mine. She's our kid. Not yours. Keep out of it. In answer to your question: No. I do not think this is a "harmful lie." I will also not be taking her to Disney World at the tender age of four and telling her that, "No, sweetheart, that isn't REALLY Mickey Mouse. It is a very short, probably chain smoking, Puerto Rican woman in a Mickey Mouse costume who more than likely doesn't like kids or speak much English." (No offense meant to one of my favorite Puerto Ricans! You are an awesome Mickey/Minnie/Daisy!) I will say, "Look, Sweetie!! Mickey Mouse!" I also do not believe this to be a "harmful lie."
That's the magic people. That's what makes childhood so awesome. That is what we grow out of and spend our whole adult life trying to get back. Let them be kids. Let a fairy come take their teeth and leave colored water, glitter, and gifts in their passing. Let them believe that there is a fuzzy bunny in a vest who brings them colorful eggs and chocolate on Easter morning. Watching your kids faces those mornings is one of the reasons we have kids. If we aren't making their world wonderful while we can.... What are we thinking?

2. Next year when there are two instead of one and one of them is finally old enough to understand the whole "looking forward to gifts" thing... We are going to do stockings, 2 presents from Santa each, and four presents from Josh and I. We are planning on something like
        1. Something you WANT
        2. Something you NEED
        3. Something to WEAR
        4. Something to READ
I have a couple of friends who do things like this, but I would love to hear some other thoughts. We would love to teach our kids that Christmas is about family and giving and avoid instilling an entitled, commercialized, and selfish view of all holidays. I know they are young but it seems to make most sense to start now and be consistent. We would start this year, but to be frank... Lily has no flippin clue what Christmas or Santa or any of it is this year and is simply happy to have a tree full of "toys" to say hi to every morning.
On that same note we are talking about doing books from the tooth fairy instead of money. I remember there being a lot of discrepancy in my little elementary school career about what the tooth fairy brought and not understanding why some of us got quarters and others got crisp new twenty dollar bills... we are going to try to avoid that. I think we are going to send the tooth fairy a letter and ask for books instead of money. What do you do for the tooth fairy?
My parents were those awesome ones who gave us some little something at least for just about every single holiday whether it was traditionally gift giving or not. Yeah. I got a Halloween present. Still do truth be told. Yes. I still think it is awesome. This isn't a cause for concern for me just because it was always some little something and the fact that I got something at all was usually the really cool part.

I'm pretty sure that I could keep typing another hour or so, but my HUMONGO pregnant belly is starting to make my back hurt from sitting here! hahahahaha I really am huge though. So on that note I am going to feed a couple of furry felines and head to my big comfy couch to listen to my most recently acquired audio book and mindlessly play Alice's Wonderland on my iPhone. :o)

Chat more tomorrow!

Wear your seat belts!
katie jo


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Dec. 18th, 2011 10:50 pm (UTC)
<33333 I'm glad to hear from you.

I hope everyone feels better soon.

I'm looking forward to exciting post.

I buried my mom the day before my 23rd b-day. It's strange how you know people and how these things work out. I'm glad I know you.
How did the one year go, if you don't mind my asking? <33333

Also, the message you sent me? MADE MY FREAKING DAY. I'm so glad we met.
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